A Futuristic Fashion Company Has Created a Dress That Lets You Sense Near-Earth Asteroids

If 2017’s Ghost in a Shell made one good decision, it was including Wearable Media in a promotions. The association nails a weird, experimental, techno-focused conform that we would pattern from a dystopian future, though rather than opting for cosmetic raincoats (ala Blade Runner), many of their outfits indeed have scholarship woven into them.

At Wearable Media’s recent speak during Maker Faire 2017, Co-Founder and CTO Jingwen Zhu spoke about a company’s origins and a destiny of mantle design. Here are some of a coolest pieces of wardrobe that have come out of a association so far.


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Project Reefstone

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If you’re looking for a full story behind a company, we can listen to Jingwen herself speak about how they got started below!

You can check out some-more overwhelming talks and companies on a Maker Faire website here.

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