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Choosing a right outfit for bureau wear or grave meetings is important, as it can boost your picture and certainty in a workplace. Stay aligned with latest conform trends by opting for trending patterns and right colour combinations that work best for summers. Ritesh Srivastava, CEO during Elitify, and Akshay Narvekar, owner during Bombay Shirt Company, list must-have patterns for grave shirts for organisation this summer:

* Contrast row grave shirt: A frail contrariety row grave shirt in a pointed palette of grey, blue or soothing pinkish is one of a trending and versatile styles when it comes to grave dressing. The minimal pointy line in resisting colour on a cuffs, placket, and collar gives an edgy-yet-sophisticated look.

* Pinstripe shirt: A classical multiple of white and blue in pinstripes is one of a smartest options for grave meetings. This settlement is undying and can give a assured demeanour when teamed with black trousers and a span of brogues.

* Tiny dotted grave shirt: A dotted shirt in abounding tones of navy blue, burgundy, maroon or bottle immature is utterly a trend among millennials. Tiny white dots describe a dynamic-yet-robust styling hint creation a particular character statement.

* Printed shirts: Eccentric and epitome printed shirts are a latest trends in men’s grave wear. Men feel gentle wearing printed shirts to work, while progressing it was compared with party-wear. Dynamic prints like root and floral, abstract, polka dots, and section imitation patterns make a statement. Or we can opt for a string or a satin-printed shirt.

* Striped shirts: Striped shirts are a common choice for organisation from each age group. A striped shirt might not be as stretchable as a plain shirt though it is a change from a unchanging plain shirts. An engaging mix of colours like bottle green, multi-coloured, lavender, and pinkish are ideal to mangle a monotony. You can span it with a striped shirt and trousers or denim for a infrequent day out.

* Solid phony shirts: A classical white shirt is an essential outfit in your wardrobe. Pair it with a collar and slap character to make a statement. You can wear it with a fit or along with a span of trousers. Subtle colours such as light pink, glow red, sensuous green, pastel black, and sky blue work best in a grave setting. You can group these shirts with a contrariety or striped tie or slap links to get a grave look.

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