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September 6, 2020 - Body Fragrance

Most people love flowers, but when it comes to floral perfumes, most of us are apprehensive due to the synthetic, chemical-like fragrance they tend to have. Well, not anymore. We have found five budget-friendly floral scents under Rs 399 which smell pretty and realistic, like an actual walk in the garden during Spring. 

XMIVogue Jasmine perfume

jasmine-5f5231782ecf2 Image credits: Stuti Bhattacharya

Price: Rs 200

XIMIVogue is a lot like Miniso, and is a South Korean fast-fashion brand. So, no one really expects to find a good quality perfume while buying stuff from such places. However, this is a sweet and heady jasmine fragrance which will surprise and impress you with its intensity. This scent is especially great for people who don’t like tuberose, because it leans more towards jasmine, and has the sweetness of it without the animalic, rubbery texture of rajnigandha or gardenia. 

Ahsan White Flowers

ahsan-5f5231abb9429 Image credits: Amazon India

Price: Rs 100

A mix of marigold and rajnigandha, this smells green, earthy, and completely realistic, like an actual flower. It has the rubbery-creaminess of rajnigandha, and spicy scent of marigold, making you feel like you are at an Indian wedding, surrounded by those actual flowers. So, if you hate that artificial smell of jasmine perfumes, you will love the realistic, well-rounded scent of this. If you want to make it smell light and fresh, you can always layer it with a white-floral body mist to make it smell less concentrated.

Miniso Joie Strawberry Champagne

mini-5f5231f3d8fbc Image credits: Miniso

Price: Rs 200

This perfume smells NOTHING like strawberries OR champagne, and is actually a pure white floral. The sparkling and intense jasmine and tuberose notes are evident in the first spray, and you actually feel like you’re wearing something expensive, meant for a grown-up, graceful lady. Even though this is an EDT spray from a fast fashion brand, it smells like a good-quality, luxury product, and lasts really long. 

Gulab Singh Johrimal Jasmine Sambac

gulabsingh-5f523222e03ba Image credits: iTokri

Price: Rs 245

Gulab Singh Johrimal is an iconic perfumery in Old Delhi which has been around since the Mughal era. They have some very special perfumes. However, this Jasmine Samback attar is like sniffing an actual jasmine flower. It combines the best of your favourite white florals to create the perfect perfume oil for layering below jasmine sprays. Of course, the longevity is impressive. 

Ahsan Frangipani Spray Perfume

ahsane-5f52324897582 Image credits: India Mart

Price: Rs 160

Frangipani is not an easy perfume to replicate, yet this manages to be a strong and loud interpretation of the tropical flowers’ essence. A bright, almost screeching garden-floral, this is a perfume that makes heads turn because of how unusual it is. The most baffling yet wonderful thing about this is how long it lasts. However, if you don’t like strong perfumes, this is not for you, as it will certainly give you a headache. So, only get this if you are adventurous with your fragrances!

Lead Image Credit: WWM

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