46 Kylie Jenner Makeup Names That Double As Perfect Instagram Captions

If there’s one thing I’m certain roughly all of us are clued in on about cocktail culture, it’s how most a Kardashian family slays a character and beauty game. All of a Kardashian and Jenner ladies have managed to make iconic names for themselves and collected their possess particular cult following (thanks, Kris). We all know Kylie Jenner has built an sovereignty of her possess with Kylie Cosmetics, that her fans severely can't get adequate of. Each new recover causes an online frenzy to sequence a latest and biggest gems ASAP, along with a pledge that during slightest something is going to be sole out within minutes. The Kylie Jenner makeup names have turn a thing, as in people really, unequivocally like them.

Products aside, nonetheless brief and sweet, her makeup names have a creativity diversion down to a science. Sometimes, a simpler, a better, and they’re officious ideal for that smart-alecky Instagram design you’ve been formulation on posting. From serious, to funny, to only plain catchy, they’re only so good. Seriously, start creation a list on your phone ASAP, since you’re going to wish to have these on palm for your subsequent post..

Whether it’s a shot of we looking regretful AF with your bae, jammin’ out with a girls on karaoke night, distinguished your best selfie pose, a rebound of your sparkly eyeshadow palette, or a shoutout to all a people who are sipping on a haterade, there’s substantially a Kylie makeup shade name there that would work only perfectly. Major shocker: There are even a few adult in a brew that would span good with an darling shot of we and your fur babies. Who would have guessed? The possibilities are truly endless, so go ham.

When you’re prepared to see those likes hurl in, obey a makeup black herself. Pose for that selfie, or drag your BFF out for a full print shoot. Our lady Kylie (and her shade names) have your behind this time. Go vanquish that heading diversion with any one of these 46 options. You can appreciate us later.


1. “In adore with a koko.”

2. “Okurrr.”

3. “Damn Gina.”

4. “Wicked.”

5. “Maliboo.”

6. “Take me on vacation.”

7. “Head over heels.”

8. “Brown sugar.”

9. “Boujee.”

10. “Exposed.”

11. “High maintenance.”

12. “Spicy.”


13. “Love bite.”

14. “Vixen.”

15. “Low key.”

16. “Poison berry.”

17. “Red velvet.”

18. “Basic.”

19. “Birthday suit.”

20. “Boy bye.”

21. “Brat.”

22. “Goals.”

23. “Karma.”

24. “Punk.”


25. “Savage.”

26. “Surprise me.”

27. “Angel cake.”

28. “Infatuation.”

29. “Passion.”

30. “Puppy love.”

31. “Amore.”

32. “Trouble maker.”

33. “Red hot.”

34. “Love sick.”

35. “King K.”

36. “Heir.”


37. “Reign.”

38. “Poppin’.”

39. “Hopeless romantic.”

40. “Hot and bothered.”

41. “X-rated.”

42. “Skinny dip.”

43. “Cupid.”

44. “Literally.”

45. “Like.”

46. “So cute.”

So there we have it, folks: 46 Internet-breaking captions formed only off of Kylie’s extraordinary makeup shades. From Kylighter, to lipstick, to Kyliner, to concealer, there’s a good accumulation for we to select from. You have to give it to her — these shades are catchy, trendy, and relatable AF. Even if we haven’t shopped by her collection only yet, we competence find a few of your subsequent captions here — and they aren’t overdone. Everyone wins.

It’s transparent Kylie Jenner is owning this makeup diversion to a T. Try out a heading or two, and we won’t be disappointed. Plus, who knows? A heading could present we some of her Instagram game. Maybe it rolls off onto yours. Either way, your Insta will appreciate you.

Now, decisions, decisions. Which one will we use?

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