32 Unbearably Cute Things About Beto O’Rourke

Texas Senate claimant and stream House deputy Beto O’Rourke has prisoner a republic in his run opposite former mime and Republican obligatory Ted Cruz. With his county-by-county debate tour, ardent and formidable on-going politics, and former life as a cool-as-hell dress-wearing punk stone skater, O’Rourke has broken a boundaries of politicking in midterm elections. Whether or not he secures a chair in a Senate, O’Rourke’s frankness and eagerness to pronounce overtly about argumentative domestic issues have cumulative him in a hearts.

O’Rourke’s has done such an startling impact on Texans and people good over his state lines that we wanted to make certain some of a many darling elements of his debate are also given their correct due. Below, we have gathered 32 of a cutest things about Texas’s powerhouse feminist politician.

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