30 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know


Regardless of what Marilyn Monroe said; heels are a woman’s best friend! The right kind of shoe can boost your confidence, renovate your demeanour and make heads spin as shortly as we enter a room. The customarily doubt is: that ones are best for you? When it comes to heels, a selling aisles are broader than one competence think. Whether you’re after impracticable stilettos, superb pumps or stylish boots, we can be certain a word of conform will have we covered. When selecting your subsequent span of shoes, these are a conflicting forms of heels we should know.


Types of Heels

Most of us can substantially customarily compute between dual or 3 conflicting forms of heels. However, there are in fact, a good series more. Without realising, many of them have substantially crossed your trail already. To get your conform A-B-C adult to speed, we have listed a many common forms of heels below.


Block Heel

Block heels don’t customarily demeanour super stylish, though a plain heel also tends to discharge your body’s weight differently, compared to thinner heels. Thus, they take a small vigour off a front of your foot, that formula in a some-more gentle stand.



Cuban Heel

The Cuban heel is holding a evidence from a boys. They are typically brief to center in tallness and found on ankle boots, oxfords, loafers and other sealed shoes. While a heel is really plain in appearance, it can underline a slight finish from tip to bottom.



Comma Heels

This select heel is, as a name reveals, done like a comma. Its startling crescent form is a select matter and it is impossibly eye-catching.



Cone Heel

The cone heel is tangible by a thick, stout bottom for a secure mount and a narrow, ethereal tip. Cone heels can be used for all kinds of heeled boots and can come in several heights. This heel character is versatile and timeless.



Decorative Heel

Is there anything some-more unreal than a beautifully flashy heel? It’s extraordinary what happens when shoe designers let their imagination run wild. If customarily we could wear flattering small things like this each day of a week.



Flare Heel

Just like flared jeans, this heel gained recognition during a favourite flower energy period, a ’70s. Flare heels are characterised by a slimmer bottom that gradually widens towards a bottom.


French Heel

The French heel, also famous as a Louis heel or pompadour heel, is a movement of a bobbin heel. Just like a latter, a French heel facilities a far-reaching top, a skinny center and a fast winding bottom part. Furthermore, they are typically on a shorter side.



High Heel

High heels come in all kinds of shapes and heights. Every heel of during slightest 4 inches or some-more can tumble into this category. The many common forms of boots ragged with a taller heel are pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals.



Kitten Heel

Kitten heels are good if you’re worried walking in aloft heels, or if you’re on a taller side though don’t wish to refrain from wearing flattering heels since of it. This form of heel is typically skinny and always next 3 inches.



Medium Heel

Medium heels have a ideal bureau and bland height. They are between 3 and 4 inches tall, that creates them ideal work boots as they urge your viewpoint though putting too most aria on a balls of your feet.



Slim Heel

Slim heels are a voluptuous collect for a night on a city or a florid occasion. The thin, high heel adds visible length to your legs and some open to your step.



Spool Heels

This musical form of heel originates from Europe during a Baroque and Rococo periods. Its hourglass figure resembles a bobbin of an aged spinning machine, that is where this heel got a name.



Square Heel

Square heels, identical to a retard heels, are typically on a thicker side and rectilinear in shape. This character looks additional stylish in multiple with a pointy span of pumps though is also mostly found on booties and other shoe models.



Thick Cuban Heel

The thick Cuban heel is a chunkier movement of a Cuban heel. They are ordinarily used for high boots, ankle boots and other stout forms of footwear.



Very High Heel

Very high heels can strech heights of adult to 8 inches or more. Really, a sky is a limit. These boots are customarily versed with a tallness in a front in sequence not to overstretch a feet and make a walking knowledge some-more comfortable.



Different Types of Heeled Shoes

When it comes to heels, there are no manners as to that forms go with what kind of shoe. So it’s not startling you’ll find all sorts of combinations starring behind during we from a shelves of a shoe aisle. Whether you’re after corpulent pumps or thin-heeled ankle boots, there is something for each taste.


Ankle Booties

A cold span of ankle boots belongs in a habit tack of each woman. They’re a ideal in-betweener for cross-season dressing. With a chunky, center heel your feet will final we all day long.


Pumps are another classic, and each lady should possess during slightest one pair. You’ll see how a undying set of black or bare pumps will fast spin your go-to allrounder: they are ideal for your weekly nine-to-five though can also be facilely total with a span of jeans or a cocktail dress for amicable engagements.



Heeled Boots

A good span of heeled boots will keep we fashionably gentle and dry on colder days. Styling tip: a smaller heel will dress your outfit down, while a high heel will grasp a conflicting effect.



Platform Heels

Platform heels underline an additional plateau in a front of a shoe. This adds comfort and also a few some-more inches to a tallness of your heel. Platform heels are best ragged for nights-out and other off-the-clock occasions.



Wedge Heels

We’ll acknowledge that a difference comfort and heels customarily don’t go really good together, though as distant as high boots go, crowd heels are champions in that category. The wedged solitary distributed weight uniformly for a pleasing walking knowledge and a select look.



Wedge Sandals

If you’re looking for an bland sandal with a small additional height, a crowd sandal will be your friend. The prosaic wedged heel will keep we gentle though looking too chunky, they also demeanour super lovable when interconnected with a light summer dress.




It doesn’t get most sexier in a shoe dialect than a stiletto heel. However, with a tallness of 3 to 4 inches and an ultra slim heel, these babies are not for fresh walkers.


High/Mid/Low Heel Sandals

Nothing complements a summer outfit like a lovable span of heeled sandals. To keep your feet simply wrapped and aerated during a warmer months of a year, we’d like to deliver we to a whole accumulation of sandals during your disposal.



Slingback Heels

Slingbacks are tangible by a skinny tag around a heel, that secures a feet on a shoe. The deficiency of straps on a overpass of your feet visually elongates and slims your leg.



Ankle Strap Heels

Like a name already suggests, ankle tag heels are fixed around a tag around a ankle, that is often, though not always, total with a slingback tag for combined security.



Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels are shoes, with a peephole in a front. These summery boots supplement magnificence to any outfit and a bit of a selected attract to A-line summer dresses.


If we cite to trip in an out of your boots rather easily, mules will be your thing. The 90s trend has recently been creation a large quip and looks generally fanciful in fluffy textiles like suede.



Lace-Up Heels

Lace-up heels typically issue from dual conflicting sources of inspiration: a classical ballerina shoe or a Roman gladiator sandal. While a former carries some-more of an elegant, delicate vibe, a other reinforces a clever and voluptuous tone.



Cut-Out Heels

Cut-out heels underline artistic patterns along a shoe, that flattering most spin your feet into a select square of art.




The Oxford sandal has found impulse from men’s lace-up boots and normal propagandize uniforms. These pointy looking boots are a ideal further to infrequent and intelligent dressing.



Espadrille Heels

Espadrille heels issue from a normal Spanish sandal. The shoe facilities possibly a board or string fabric and a stretchable solitary done from woven esparto rope.



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