20 Very Different Sunglasses for 20 Very Different Guys

Sunglasses are an underrated accessory. While praised for their unsentimental functions (i.e. preventing one from being blinded by a sun) they’re mostly abandoned for their ability to possibly renovate or finish an outfit. They are small, though they’re mighty. And in a year 2020, a sunglasses marketplace is far-reaching and vast. There’s some-more than only a common Wayfarers and aviators (although there’s no discrediting those long-lived classics) though a accumulation of silhouettes in a accumulation of colors (and a accumulation of cost points). It’s positively intelligent to have a classical span in your arsenal that we can always rest on, though it couldn’t harm to have a few additional pairs for when we wish to examination with your demeanour though committing to a full outfit. Sometimes all we need is a white tee, blue jeans and a good span of shades.

Izipizi E Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses aren’t anything new, though pairs in this sold shade of a settlement are few and distant between. These “Light Tortoise” shades by Izipizi give a classical settlement an refurbish and even curve into tie-dye-esque territory.

Raen Optics Bastien

If you’re inconclusive when it comes to your sunglasses conformation and can’t motionless between handle support or something some-more substantial, Raen’s Bastien span is ideal for those who like a tiny bit of everything.

Warby Parker Brewer Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses tend to dominate, though it’s time we give slimmer ones their due. Warby Parker’s Brewer Sunglasses, from their new Sun Series collection, are slim n’ sleek, ideal for those who don’t wish their face to be lilliputian by their sunglasses.

Persol 649

One of a many iconic span of sunglasses, a Persol 649s are notoriously formidable to lift off, though if you’re means to, afterwards some-more energy to you, and if not, wear them anyway since who cares? Unfortunately, we can’t all be Steve McQueen.

Urban Outfitters New Square Sunglasses

Maybe we have a bent to remove your shades and are aroused of investing in a pricey pair. Before we banish yourself to a gas hire pair, cruise these by Urban Outfitters. The zodiacally graceful conformation is lent a somewhat selected feel interjection to a yellow lenses, and they’re a tiny $20. Who knows, maybe we won’t remove them after all.

J.Crew Dock Sunglasses

J.Crew’s preference of sunglasses is not to be ignored, generally this classical tortoiseshell span that’s not utterly turn nor utterly square, though a happy medium. At $65, it doesn’t get many improved than this.


It doesn’t get some-more simple than this (in a good way, we mean). These black square-framed sunglasses by RETROSUPERFUTURE are ideal for those in hunt of a span to lift them by each arise and season, all while maintaining an atmosphere of cool.

Warby Parker for Alex Mill Downing Sunglasses

Sometimes we wish a classical silhouette, only not utterly so … approaching (i.e. boring). This span by Warby Parker, crafted only for Alex Mill, takes a informed turn conformation and casts them in a monochromatic green. Use them to mangle adult an differently tedious outfit and leave others green with envy.

Acne Studios D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

For those tormented by baby face, cruise a some-more bony span of sunglasses, like these Acne Studios D-Frame ones. The pointy and clearly tangible lines will move some many indispensable clarification and contrariety to softer, some-more rounder face shapes.

Krewe Lafayette Sunglasses

For those tried-and-true flier wearers out there, don’t be fearful to switch it adult a smallest bit with these Krewe Lafayette sunglasses. The gold-plated steel overpass retains a classical flier feel though will concede for a totally opposite aesthetic.

Han Kjobenhavn Yellow Moon Sunglasses

Another slimmer pair, there’s something about these Han Kjobenhavn (what a mouthful) that have an espionage feel to them, and will leave people wondering, “Who is that guy?”

Oakley Frogskins Lite

Turns out, Oakley creates sunglasses other than those uncanny wraparound ones, and they’re indeed flattering good. Take these Frogskins Lite for instance — they’re concurrently stylish and sporty, a singular attainment when it comes to eyewear.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

What’s a list of sunglasses though a classical Ray-Ban Aviators? Incomplete, that’s what it is.

Le Specs Alto Sunglasses

Round wireless frames are great, though wearing them always runs a risk of looking too John Lennon-y. A hexagonal span like these Le Specs Alto Sunglasses will lend a same retro, Beatnik look, though withdrawal we looking like a Beatles wannabe.

Sun Buddies Lubna Sunglasses

It happens though infrequently we only inexplicably get ill of tone and wish something totally colorless, we’re articulate not even black. When that’s a case, these transparent clear Lubna eyeglasses by Sun Buddies will be a taste cleaner you’re in unfortunate need of.

Moscot x Todd Snyder Miltzen Sunglasses

Olive appears to be Todd Snyder’s designated tone of a season, and a code couldn’t conflict bringing their signature tone to this span of sunglasses done in partnership with Moscot. Plus, a storied visual code delved into their family repository for a collaboration, sourcing a impulse for this span from a strange 1930s style.

Flatlist Tishkoff Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

We’re peaceful to gamble we don’t possess a span of sunglasses utterly as confidant as this Flatlist’s Tishkoff pair, though now’s your chance. They’re positively not for a faint-hearted, though we know what they say, go large or go home.

Akila Apollo Sunglasses

Put a sun in sunglasses with this happy yellow span by Akila Apollo. You’ll be your possess personal ray of sunshine.

Illesteva Georgetown Sunglasses

Maybe not a many unsentimental of pairs, these Illesteva Georgetown sunglasses are substantially best matched for cloudy days when a object isn’t in full force. Super functional? Maybe not so much. Extremely cool? Without a doubt. And really, isn’t that all that matters — who cares if your prophesy is impaired?

Gucci Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Surprisingly, this is one of Gucci’s some-more solemn pairs of shades. The dappled outcome of a frames isn’t utterly tortoiseshell, and a yellow lenses lend them a clearly 70s feel, though veering into dress territory. We consider Harry Styles would approve.

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