10 Funny Photos Of Wrestlers Before They Were Famous (And 10 After)

Considering WWE wrestlers are tellurian Superstars, they are unequivocally some-more disposed to being prisoner on camera during an annoying impulse than a rest of us (especially while they’re on television). One of a reasons as to given Sports Entertainment is so interesting is given wrestling promotions take in general performers, and repackage them with cold gimmicks and personas so formulating ‘larger than life’ stars. As we’re certain we can imagine, some of a coolest wrestlers currently once on a time looked zero like they do now. Quite mostly their cinema from before they were famous are positively waggish and annoying to contend a least.

Some of these wrestlers embody John Cena, Kane, Kevin Nash, Batista, and The Rock among many others. A wrestling persona can totally change a wrestler’s appearance, and let’s usually contend that some of a wrestlers on this list looked a heck of a lot cooler with their new gimmicks. Today, we’re going to be looking during 1o annoying photos of wrestlers before they were famous, and 10 after they achieved celebrity and happening in a wrestling industry. It’s transparent some Superstars are some-more disposed to being photographed during an annoying moment, and many of a cinema on this list are unequivocally photos these 10 wrestlers wouldn’t wish we to see. Don’t trust me? Let’s get right into a list then!

20. Before They Were Famous: Brock Lesnar’s Wrestling Team

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If we can trust it, a immature male during a tip right of this annoying sketch is zero other than ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar. Now to be totally honest with we guys, when we had creatively came conflicting this propagandize wrestling group design of Brock, we couldn’t assistance yet giggle as Lesnar looked positively hilarious. Some fans have given forked out that Brock roughly looked like a fish in this pic, and it’s unequivocally a many annoying print we can find of Lesnar before he was famous.

I doubt anyone on his wrestling group ever approaching Brock to go onto turn such a outrageous pro wrestling Superstar, as he couldn’t have looked any geekier and timid. That being said, we doubt anyone during Brock Lesnar’s propagandize dared to disaster with him, as he looked like he would’ve still broken them even during such a immature age.

19. After: Good Old Rodeo Boy Brock Lesnar

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The celebrity of being a big-time WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion apparently hasn’t went to Lesnar’s conduct – instead, Brock sticks to his rational rancher upbringing. Showcased above is one of Brock’s many barbarous cinema after apropos a star, as he’s shown during a rodeo eventuality rocking a plain black shirt, a retro cowboy’s hat, a humorous facial countenance and a burning red face.

Brock Lesnar positively didn’t demeanour like any arrange of ‘Beast’ in this photograph, and I’m certain he even finds this pic rather annoying with how many he’s been mocked over it a past few years. Regardless, Brock’s shabby choices of wardrobe shows that he’s not unequivocally superficial, given if he wanted to, he could dress in a many costly suits each singular day with his annual income of over 12 million dollars.

18. Before They Were Famous: Hulk Hogan’s Yearbook Photo

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Yes, we have review that pretension correctly, a immature male above would go onto turn a face of Sports Entertainment for decades, ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan. This annoying annual print showcases what Hogan used to demeanour like, and to be frank, Hulk looks like he would have became a scholarship instructor during a University Of Nowhere over apropos a wrestling icon.

However as we all know, looks can be deceiving, and Hulk Hogan wouldn’t let his nerdy high propagandize coming stop him from apropos an party Superstar and multi millionaire. For whatever reason, many of a big-time WWE stars never looked unequivocally ‘cool’ in school, as other wrestlers such as The Rock, CM Punk, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar all looked like a container of geeks behind then.

17. After: Hulk Hogan’s Embarrassing Picture With Brooke

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Could we presumably find a some-more annoying design of anybody we know than a print above showcasing Hulk Hogan observing his daughter in a pool. What creates this design additional annoying (and totally creepy) is a fact that Brooke’s beloved is in a pool too.

This is unequivocally a ‘Not So PG’ Hogan family photo, and it’s substantially one of a creepiest you’ll ever find of a wrestler. However, we doubt Hulk Hogan meant for it to demeanour so weird, yet it usually did. As a result, it caused utterly a stir online. It seems as yet Hulk Hogan’s a magnet to controversy, as his large annoying (and controversial) cinema with his family are usually a topping on a cake.

16. Before They Were Famous: Randy Had Hair

via fanpop.com

I consider annoying is a usually word that could accurately report this comparison sketch of Randy Orton before he indispensable hair transplants. He might not have indispensable assistance in a hair dialect yet he unequivocally indispensable a stylist. Although a character (or miss thereof) can substantially be attributed to a fact that this design was taken so many years ago. Who doesn’t have a design with a nonsensical haircut that they unequivocally regret? Maybe he was indeed happy he didn’t have many hair to take caring of after this design came out. It is rather mocking yet that a male with such a full conduct of hair indispensable to get hair transplants.

15. After: Randy Orton Caught Staring At This Fans ‘Assets’

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Yikes! The Viper was unequivocally held in a act here. This vehement fan was totally focused on removing a good design with Randy Orton, and small did she know, Randy was removing a good demeanour during her – unfortunately for Orton, he was embarrassingly held for a whole universe to see. Perhaps Orton can explain that he was unknowingly looking down when a print was being taken, yet for us fans who know accurately a kind of male Randy Orton is, we know damn good it was no accident.

Regardless, this design from final year finished a approach into several media outlets, and Randy Orton would’ve unequivocally been broke by it (not to discuss a WWE and Vince McMahon). Let’s usually wish that Randy’s mother didn’t see this picture, differently Orton might have been a one on a receiving finish of an RKO pleasantness of his mother Kim Kessler.

14. Before They Were Famous: Long Hair Batista

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Can we trust that a male featured above is zero other than a immature Batista? Prior to apropos famous in WWE for portraying ‘The Animal’, Batista used to be a bodybuilder who rocked prolonged black hair (hilariously annoying when we review his demeanour from afterwards to now). However annoying hairdo aside, Batista was positively shredded before apropos a WWE Superstar.

Batista substantially wouldn’t have turn such a large wrestling star had he continued to stone a prolonged hair and no tattoos, as he would have looked approach too general – usually like Mason Ryan who looked flattering good matching to this immature Batista (and he never amounted to anything in a business). Once he chopped off his thatch and gained some intimidating tattoos, Batista was off to a races in Sports Entertainment and a rest is as a say, history.

13. After: Batista’s ‘Ripped’ Jeans On Live Television

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Despite being a cold ‘Animal’ in WWE, that doesn’t meant Batista’s defence from carrying an annoying impulse or dual here and there. Showcased above was a issue of Batista spearing Randy Orton behind in 2014 in spare jeans – a ginormous rip right into a behind finish of his ironically ‘ripped’ engineer pants (shows that peculiarity doesn’t always compare a high cost tab – however, carrying a male like Batista using full speed forward while tortuous is a surefire approach of destroying any code of jeans).

This design was unequivocally an annoying one for Batista, yet he played it off good underneath a waggish circumstances. Sure, we might have gotten a good demeanour during Big Dave’s tighty-whities, yet he still finished adult looking flattering badass deliberation he did destroy Randy and proceeded to taunt a fans in assemblage who were resolutely conflicting him.

12. Before They Were Famous: Dorky Dwayne Johnson

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Whenever Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s reminded of this iconic annoying design of himself before he was a WWE and tellurian Hollywood star, you’ll positively get a large grin and giggle from Rocky. This hilariously annoying print of The Rock showcases ‘The Brahma Bull’ rocking a turtle neck, a fanny pack, and a humorous facial countenance – all things that minister to creation this print mount out as being a many annoying sketch of The Rock ever.

If we usually had this design to go by, it’d be flattering tough to trust a star Johnson would go onto turn in WWE as a charismatic tip draw, and a success he’s had in Hollywood – he utterly overtly looked rather dorky. we still can’t suppose how this outfit would’ve been deliberate ‘cool’ even in a 90s. However, you’ve got to give Rocky a credit he deserves for wearing this outfit with confidence.

11. After: The Rock Starring As The Tooth Fairy

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As a aged observant goes, ‘you’ve got to start somewhere’, and in The Rock’s case, that was starring in a kid-friendly film The Tooth Fairy behind in 2010.Though Johnson had a integrate smaller roles in a few other cinema and radio shows before to Tooth Fairy, this was unequivocally his initial large purpose in Hollywood – a rather annoying one to contend a least. Showcased above is a sketch from a film of Dwayne portraying a Tooth Fairy.

The Rock’s given turn one of a biggest box bureau attractions in Hollywood as a blockbuster movement film star, yet we will never forget that Johnson started his behaving career in such an annoying role. Though a film garnered a flattering awful rating, it was still a success as a film generated over a 112 million box bureau with a 48 million budget.

10. Before They Were Famous: Seth Rollins Looking A Tad Nerdy

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Before apropos famous in WWE for being a former member of The Shield and The Architect, Seth Rollins was a immature wrestler on a Indies perplexing to figure out a kind of wrestler he wanted to become. As we can see, Seth looked flattering waggish in this print when he was in his late teens, and he positively didn’t demeanour like a destiny WWE World Champion. Instead, Seth was a rather spare male who looked like reading comic books was one of his favourite hobbies. That being said, as I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t seem like many of a WWE’s biggest stars looked unequivocally cold when they were young. I’d contend Seth has softened in a looks dialect given his teenage years.

9. After: Seth Rollins’ Leaked Photos

via thebiglead.com

Though it seems like a WWE’s Women’s Division wrestlers have been a usually ones influenced by leaked photos, that wasn’t indeed a box as Seth had his private leaks embarrassingly expelled as good by his former partner a integrate years back. Rollins’ Instagram was expected hacked, and cinema of Zahra Schreiber exposed seemed on his comment that apparently hurt Seth’s fiancee during a time, Leighla.

Leighla proceeded to post some of Seth’s nudes on her Twitter in an apparent try of ‘retaliation’ that caused utterly a bit of controversy. The cinema were expelled yet Seth Rollins’ consent, and they were unequivocally over annoying for him – generally deliberation this liaison could’ve simply influenced Seth’s station in WWE. Thankfully for Rollins, a WWE looked past this liaison and his career hasn’t been influenced by it.

8. Before They Were Famous: When Stephanie Was Innocent

via whatculture.com

Though it seems impossible, there was indeed a time when Stephanie McMahon was zero some-more than an trusting teen as showcased above. Stephanie’s annoying childhood print shows McMahon rocking a plain white shirt, a waggish facial countenance and greasy hair. Stephanie’s apparently unequivocally endangered over her looks and appearance, and her cosmetic medicine to raise her ‘assets’ as good as being finished adult like a glam indication for each radio coming confirms this notion.

As we can imagine, Steph would unequivocally find this design of herself embarrassing, as she couldn’t have looked any plainer – a frigid conflicting of how she looks today. I’m certain Stephanie’s father Vince McMahon was one of those dads who always wanted his children to ‘look a part’, and this has substantially caused Steph to be overly endangered about her coming as she got comparison to some extent.

7. After: Stephanie McMahon’s ‘Accident’ On Live Television

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In this sold instance, The Authority’s Stephanie McMahon got her usually deserts after she had attempted to put a WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in an worried position by perfectionist he presumably palm over a pretension or his mother Brie Bella would be dismissed during a 2014 Extreme Rules pay-per-view. However, Brie willingly quit from a WWE and proceeded to give Stephanie a large slap conflicting a face this time.

Stephanie fast receded behind after being broke by Brie, yet a many annoying impulse to come out of this shred was when Steph was impending a opening ramp – there was a large dim mark during a behind of her dress that was prisoner live on television. Some fans trust it was usually a backing of her dress and it was all about a angle, where as others believed McMahon had actually had an accident.

6. Before They Were Famous: CM Punk’s Yearbook Photo

via pinterest.se

To be honest, if we had not famous before that this annual print was ‘The Best In The World’ CM Punk, we would never have put dual and dual together as Punk’s totally unrecognizable now compared to his childhood. Though many of a WWE’s tip Superstars looked hilariously awful in their annual photos, Punk unequivocally takes a cake as looking a worst.

CM Punk was showcased in his annual design rocking prolonged greasy black hair, some shabby large support glasses, and one a creepiest facial countenance I’ve seen in my whole life. How this immature male was means to renovate into apropos a charismatic wrestling star is over me, as Punk unequivocally looked unequivocally individualist and peculiar to contend a least. However, CM Punk’s finished intensely good for himself, and you’ve got to give him credit for removing over a hatred he perceived when he was flourishing up.

5. After: CM Punk’s Embarrassingly Quick Loss To Mickey Gall

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CM Punk might be one of a biggest stars in Sports Entertainment history, yet like a rest of us, he’s not defence to confronting an annoying impulse too. CM Punk quietly pronounced goodbye to a WWE Universe in 2014 and he felt as yet he’d find greener pastures elsewhere, in his case, a UFC. However as we’ve all come to realize, a UFC is substantially not a best place for Punk.

Punk looked extremely arrogant during his opening and before a quarrel started, yet Punk’s certainty would finish adult satirical him in a boundary as he was embarrassingly degraded in usually 134 seconds. The smashed face of CM Punk post-fight was annoying to contend a least, and notwithstanding his attempts to demeanour cold by saying it was usually a commencement of his journey, it was an annoyance zero a less.

4. Before They Were Famous: The Master Of Pain Undertaker

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Before The Undertaker would go onto turn one of a many famous and tangible wrestling stars of all time, he was zero some-more than a 6’10 male perplexing to find his balance in veteran wrestling. ‘Taker spent years in smaller promotions behaving as ‘The Master Of Pain’, and as we can clearly see, The Undertaker looked positively waggish underneath this persona. This gimmick’s such a pointy contrariety to a ultra cold ‘Deadman’ persona he’d rise and take on in WWE.

Wrestling promotions have a ability to take in general wrestlers and repackage them with gimmicks that make them incomparable than life Superstars that has clearly been a box for The Undertaker. Had ‘Taker been introduced to a WWE Universe with ‘The Master Of Pain’ persona, he substantially would have been zero some-more than a large encouragement talent who would be totally lost about today.

3. After: Old Man Undertaker

via pwmania.com

Although The Undertaker’s ‘Master Of Pain’ print before he was famous was about as annoying as we can presumably get, ‘Taker’s unfortunately surpassed that annoying design with a new one above. The Undertaker was showcased in this print with a fan looking comparison than many of a grandfathers – ‘Taker’s hair was totally white, his tummy was enormous, and he was holding a shaft to boot.

I’m not even certain a tenure ‘washed up’ could even accurately report usually how aged Undertaker looked here. This picture’s from a few years ago, and ‘Taker’s usually run-down given then. we truly trust a WWE has stale ‘The Phenom’ as he looked prepared to retire over a decade ago. If we contingency be put by it, we usually wish this year’s WrestleMania eventuality will be a final time we see ‘Taker in a ring – he unequivocally should’ve late after final year’s farewell.

2. Before They Were Famous: Sasha Banks On The Indies

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Looking during a annoying print above of Sasha Banks wrestling an Indie compare a array of years back, could we presumably suppose that she’d eventually turn ‘The Boss’ in WWE? Not usually was a design ideally timed to constraint a rather unflattering image of Sasha, yet a ‘crowd’ is adequate of an annoyance all on a possess – Sasha Banks truly did start during a unequivocally bottom and worked her approach up.

As we mentioned in a intro, a wrestling gimmick or persona can totally change a performers appearance, and that’s positively been a box for Banks in WWE. Prior to apropos famous in WWE as a blingy and feisty ‘Boss’, Sasha was zero some-more than a goody good wrestler who was especially used to put over other stars on a Indies. This unequivocally isn’t a many annoying print on this list, yet we’re usually easing into a list solemnly so stay tuned for copiousness more!

1. After: Sasha Banks Portraying Pennywise The Clown

via yuki.la

Hey Warner Bros. Pictures, we consider we’ve found your subsequent actor to execute Pennywise The Clown in a subsequent installment of a renouned ‘IT’ series. Showcased above is about as annoying of a print you’ll ever find of a WWE Women’s Division wrestler, and a wrestling lady usually so happens to be ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. Fans have been creation fun of Sasha’s hairline for years now, yet this unflattering design positively gives those complainers some credibility.

The angle creates Banks’ hairline demeanour positively horrendous, and with a facial countenance she was making, Sasha unequivocally resembled Pennywise for sure. This print was taken during Sasha’s time down in NXT, and in all honesty, I’d contend Banks’ rise in WWE adult to this indicate has been in NXT, as she’s been requisitioned terribly on a categorical roster. Regardless, this photo’s positively on Sasha Banks’ list of pics she never wants fans to see.

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